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13/10/2023 | 10:44:31 Thank you. Dear friends, Remember the question that was asked when the Kremlin dictator had only just started his bloody and genocidal career? The question was: who is Mr Putin? Now, we all know the answer to this question. First of all, Putin is a war criminal and the International Criminal Court has already issued an arrest warrant for him. Second, Putin is a terrorist. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in one of its resolutions, had recognised Russia as a terrorist... 09/10/2023 | 16:46:54 Thank you, dear colleagues. The situation in Kosovo is truly disturbing and reminds me of the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine in 2014. The style of involvement looks familiar, as if someone is acting according to Mr Vladimir Putin's patterns of behaviour. I don't rule out that Russia with assistance of its proxies in the Balkans is trying to provoke a new Balkan war in order to distract attention away from the Russian aggression in Ukraine. How to prevent it from happening? It is... 23/06/2023 | 10:47:15 Yes, I'm here. Dear Friends, The report doesn't take into consideration the biggest threat when it comes to transnational repression. The threat which comes from the Chinese Communist Party. In the text of the draft resolution, China is mentioned only once and without any details. According to the NGO Freedom House, "China conducts the most sophisticated global and comprehensive campaign of transnational repression in the world". This organisation, Freedom House, also mentions that "the CCP... 22/06/2023 | 20:04:03 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) As we all know, the Olympic Games are also about peace. But not for Russia. It’s no coincidence that Russia had started wars against Georgia in 2008 and against Ukraine in 2014 right after the Olympic Games. Russia has always been using the Olympic Games in the same way as these Games were used by Hitler. Sport in totalitarian Russia has never been beyond politics. On the contrary, it has always been about politics, it has always been an... 20/06/2023 | 18:15:19 Thank you, Madam President. I was sure from the very beginning that as soon as we started talking about investigating Russian influence, someone would definitely start talking about Senator Joseph McCarthy... Dear friends, I hope these debates are not about an attempt to use an international organisation against the ruling party, on the eve of the elections in Poland. I understand that intrigues are an important part of politics, but still, we should refrain from meddling in the internal... 20/06/2023 | 16:35:50 Thank you, Madam President. The fate of democracy in Belarus, the fate of Belarus is being decided now in Ukraine. And the road to the victory of freedom and democracy in Belarus lies through the victory of Ukraine, through the military defeat of the Russian Empire. That is why the Belarusian democratic opposition should do everything it can to bring closer the victory of Ukraine, and to contribute effectively to this victory. What can be done by the Belarusians in this regard? First of all... 27/04/2023 | 20:04:03 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2)   Dear friends, There is a link between democracy and human rights on the one hand and international trade - on the other hand. My major point is very simple: international trade should contribute to the development of democracy and human rights, and should not make authoritarian regimes stronger. There is a political myth, which I call a myth of economic appeasement, according to which if you develop trade and economic relations with a bear... 27/04/2023 | 16:24:38 Thank you. Dear friends, We all know that the deportation of children is one of the most serious international crimes which constitutes genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It is not only our moral but also our legal duty – obligation – under international law to prevent a crime of genocide and to punish the perpetrators of this horrible crime no matter where it happens, in Ukraine, in Burma, in Chechnya, in Rwanda, in Tibet, in Xinjiang or... 13/10/2022 | 12:19:42 Thank you, Chair. What can be done and should be done to help Ukraine to survive and defend itself and to stop Russian aggression? First of all, we need to recognise Russia as a terrorist state, with all the consequences. Such consequences as total isolation, severance of all diplomatic, economic, political, cultural contexts. We should remember that Russia is not a state in the true sense of this word. Russia is a global genocidal terroristic gang, not more. Second, the best guarantee of... 27/04/2022 | 19:25:45 Dear Friends, I hope can you hear me. Great. There are some technical problems. First of all I would like to thank those who stayed so late. To me it's important. I'll try to explain in simple words what I mean and what was the basic concept behind this report and the resolution. There is a problem, a serious social problem which we call police brutality, where excessive unjustified use of force by law enforcement officers. We need to find a solution, a legal solution to this problem. My...