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Webinar on combating violence against women in sport

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PACE’s Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence and Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination are organising a Facebook Live webinar entitled “Preventing and combating violence against women in sport”, on 10 November at 10 am.

Speakers include former athletes and specialists in equality issues in sport, working on these issues from the Czech Republic, Ireland, France and Belgium. Moderation will be provided by Killion Munyama (Poland, EPP/CD), who is preparing a report on " The fight for a level-playing field – ending discrimination against women in the world of sport". Introductory remarks will be made by the General Rapporteur on violence against women, Zita Gurmai (Hungary, SOC).

The panelists will examine the extent of the phenomenon of violence against women in sport, the underlying causes that allow such violence to occur and the “code of silence” around its denunciation. Recommendations and good practices in force in different European countries will also be put forward.

"Gender inequality and gender-based stereotyping in sport are a mirror of the gender inequalities and discrimination present in society as a whole. The world of sport is not immune to violence against women and girls," said Mr Munyama. "It is of crucial importance that sports federations respond to claims of abuse and provide support to victims. This webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss good practices in preventing and combating violence against women in sport.”

The webinar will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence: Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence