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Securing safe medical supply chains

Jennifer De Temmerman (France, ALDE)

The Standing Committee, meeting today in Reykjavik, is worried about the shortages of medical supplies that have increased dramatically before, during and since the Covid-19 pandemic, due to stockpiling, restrictions on exports, closed borders, and lockdowns.

The parliamentarians denounced a largely financial approach, seeking to contain health expenditures, as well as the concentration of medicines production in a few countries and the outcomes of the relocation of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular to India and China.

By adopting a resolution today, based on the report by Jennifer De Temmerman (France, SOC), PACE called on national authorities and health practitioners to agree on a strategy to make medical supply chains more reliable in order to guarantee equitable access to healthcare and prevention against shortages.

Faced with the risk of counterfeiting stemming from shortages of medicines, PACE also recalled the legally binding nature of the Medicrime Convention and called on States that have not yet done so to ratify it.

Finally, it welcomed the establishment on 1 January 2022 of the Steering Committee for Human Rights in the fields of Biomedicine and Health, calling for further synergies with WHO.