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Stefan SCHENNACH (Austria, SOC)

States must urgently take action together against SLAPPs, Assembly says

25/01/2024 | Session

There is an urgent need for all Council of Europe member states to act together against SLAPPs – frivolous, vexatious or malicious legal proceedings which aim to intimidate, harass or silence their targets, thus threatening public participation – according to the Assembly. Approving a resolution...

Sviatlana TSIKHANOUSKAYA Leader of the Belarusian democratic forces

The Assembly sets out its vision of a democratic future for Belarus

25/01/2024 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has set out wide-ranging proposals to build a democratic future for Belarus – including a new set of measures to support Belarusian democratic forces led by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who also addressed the Assembly. Approving a resolution...

Mogens JENSEN (Denmark, SOC)

A pressing need to enforce Council of Europe standards on media freedom

25/01/2024 | Session

PACE today emphasised the pressing need “to enforce the high standards on media freedom which the Council of Europe has established, to ensure effective protection of journalists and to uphold in all member States a friendly and safe environment for media independence and pluralism”. It recalled...

Day of Remembrance in memory of the victims of the Holocaust: 'It was to prevent such atrocities that our...

24/01/2024 | President

“Almost 80 years ago, in March 1945, a fifteen-and-a-half-year-old girl named Anne Frank perished in the Bergen-Belsen camp. Without the diary she wrote between the ages of 13 and 15, Anne's fate would be indistinguishable from that of the one and a half million children who vanished under...

Green light for the creation of a network of PACE members involved in election observation

24/01/2024 | Election observation

Members of PACE who have participated in election observation missions met this week on the margins of the winter plenary session to discuss ways of improving this aspect of the Assembly’s work – and supported the creation of a permanent informal network to share experience, expertise...

Daniel RISCH, Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

Prime Minister of Liechtenstein: multilateralism benefits us all

24/01/2024 | Session

“Multilateral organisations, such as the Council of Europe, play a critical role in promoting peace and stability,” said Daniel Risch, Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, when addressing the Parliamentary Assembly. “Multilateralism is one of our lifelines,” he said, adding that the multilateral...

Mathias CORMANN, Secretary-General of the OECD

The role of the OECD in mitigating the negative trends in globalisation in times of crisis and war

24/01/2024 | Session

The enlarged Assembly* today highlighted the role of the OECD and its initiatives to mitigate the negative trends in globalisation, in the new context resulting from shocks provoked by Covid-19 pandemic and Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. The resolution adopted on the basis of the...

Challenge, on substantive grounds, of the still unratified credentials of the parliamentary delegation of Azerbaijan

PACE resolves not to ratify the credentials of Azerbaijan’s parliamentary delegation, citing a failure to...

24/01/2024 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has resolved not to ratify the credentials of the Azerbaijani delegation, which were challenged on the opening day of the session, concluding that the country has “not fulfilled major commitments” stemming from its joining the Council of Europe...

The European Court of Human Rights

PACE elects Diana Petrova Kovacheva judge to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of Bulgaria

24/01/2024 | Session

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) today elected Diana Petrova Kovacheva as judge to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of Bulgaria. Ms Diana Petrova Kovacheva, having obtained a majority of votes cast, is elected judge of the European Court of Human Rights for a term...

Constantinos EFSTATHIOU (Cyprus, SOC)

PACE calls for stronger action to eradicate torture and ill-treatment in places of detention in Europe

24/01/2024 | Session

Adopting a resolution on allegations of systemic torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in places of detention in Europe, based on a report by Constantinos Efstathiou (Cyprus, SOC), the Assembly today called for enhanced measures to combat and eliminate torture and other forms...

Michael O’Flaherty, Commissioner for Human Rights

Michael O’Flaherty elected Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

24/01/2024 | Session

Michael O’Flaherty (Ireland) was today elected as the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights by the organisation’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) at its plenary session in Strasbourg. He will serve a non-renewable term of six years starting on 1 April 2024. Mr O’Flaherty obtained 104 of...

Nikos CHRISTODOULIDES, President of the Republic of Cyprus

President of Cyprus calls for deeper multilateral cooperation to face current challenges

23/01/2024 | Session

“We are witnessing a growing attempted erosion of rules-based international order, rising nationalism and violations of human rights,” said Nikos Christodoulides, President of Cyprus, in his address to the Parliamentary Assembly. In outlining many of these and other challenges, he stressed that...