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Concerning the Seventh Report on the activities of the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration

Recommendation 240 (1960)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 28th April 1960 (6th Sitting) (see Docs. 1019Docs. 1019, Seventh Report of ICEM and Doc. 1068, Report of the Committee on Population and Refugees). Text adopted by the Assembly on 28th April 1960 (6th Sitting).

The Assembly,

Having heard the statement by the Director of the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (ICEM) and having made a careful study of the Seventh Report on that organisation's activities ;

Gratified at the most encouraging results thus far achieved by ICEM, which, since its foundation, has moved nearly a million emigrants, including some 450,000 refugees ;

Having noted, however, that in 1958 the numbers of emigrants moved by ICEM fell short of expectations;

Being resolved to help ICEM to attain the objectives which it has set itself for World Refugee Year,

Recommends that the Committee of Ministers should:

1 invite member Governments :
a to facilitate the execution of ICEM's programmes both for refugees and for emigrants in general;
b to promote the preparation and implementation of plans to expand the organisation's activities;
c to approach the principal emigrant-receiving countries with a view to their increasing their quotas of entry visas for refugees;
1 request the International Committee for European Migration to send the Council of Europe further information on the trend in the movement of migrants after the decrease recorded in 1958 and on the steps taken, in the words of the first section of its seventh Report, "to develop migration and improve its quality".