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Draft Convention on the Liability of Hotelkeepers

Recommendation 246 (1960)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 29th April 1960 (9th Sitting) (see Doc. 1106, draft Recommendation submitted by the Legal Committee)* Text adopted by the Assembly on 29th April 1960 (9th Sitting).

The Assembly,

Having been consulted by the Committee of Ministers on the draft Convention on the Liability of Hotelkeepers concerning the property of guests staying in their establishments, (Doc. 1074);

Being informed that the Legal Committee, while approving the general lines of the draft Convention, has a number of points to raise in connection with this draft;

Being of opinion that the best means of examining these points would be by a joint meeting between the competent Sub-committee of the Legal Committee, on the one hand, and the Committee of Experts which drafted the Convention - or a Sub-committee thereof - on the other hand, as proposed by the Assembly in paragraph 2 of its Recommendation 125 of 11th January 1957;

Being unable to express an opinion on the draft Convention before these points have been elucidated,

Recommends to the Committee of Ministers that it should authorise, as on previous occasions, a joint meeting between the appropriate Sub-committee of the Assembly's Legal Committee and the Committee of Experts, or a Sub-committee thereof, with a view to finding a solution to the problems raised by the draft Convention prepared by the Committee of Experts.