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21/04/2021 | 17:30:03 Thank you. First of all, I really wanted to welcome and thank the two co-rapporteurs, both Ms Martine WONNER for her excellent report and our draftsman of the opinion on chronic and long-term diseases. I wanted to make three observations on behalf of my group. Firstly, the importance of chronic and long-term diseases. While they are a cause of general and premature mortality, they are also the counterpart of longer life expectancy, particularly in Europe. To take the situation in France alone... 20/04/2021 | 11:28:18 Thank you, dear colleagues. I welcome them from France. Our discussion is about the Council of Europe's strategic priorities for the coming years. The report by our colleague, Mr Tiny KOX, is an important one, with two clear frameworks and three observations that I wanted to share with you. The first is a reminder of what the Council of Europe's raison d'être is, namely a forum for discussion, if not consensual, then at least driven by the idea of a reasonable synthesis in favour of freedoms... 28/01/2021 | 12:42:32 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, Mr President, We have on the agenda of our Assembly a report and a resolution on the subject of ethnic profiling, its use for discriminatory purposes and the resources and means to combat it in our own states and countries. First of all, I would like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Boriss CILEVIČS, for his unfortunately topical report and relevant recommendations. Having noted that these practices exist and are negative for the people who are victims of them... 27/01/2021 | 11:11:53 Thank you, Mister Speaker. First of all, I should like to thank our rapporteur, Ms Jennifer DE TEMMERMAN, for her report, which highlighted, among other things, the usefulness and importance of vaccines in the strategy to combat the pandemic, the applicable regulatory context, the upstream phase of their development, production, and the necessary distribution between countries - and within the same country - between priority groups, which are fragile, and others. The health disaster we are... 02/10/2019 | 19:17:00 Thank you, Mr President. My dear colleagues, If I can sum up in two or three words what you said, first of all, you have all in the end expressed your determination to fight against terrorism and to protect and support the victims. I think that's the summary. Somewhere, even beyond all the differences that we can see here, I still hold a solidarity, a unanimity in this fight that we must carry out within the Council of Europe and our States, as parliamentarians. Let's not forget, do not mix... 02/10/2019 | 17:39:17 Thank you, Mr President. Madam President, My dear colleagues, It is an honor and an important responsibility to come to speak to you today after several months of work, in meetings for which I would like to thank the Commission and the administrative staff who accompanied me at all times. This is an important and sensitive topic, one that is very sensitive, that of better recognition and the most effective and fair assistance to the victims of terrorism. Our duty of remembrance to and with... 01/10/2019 | 10:33:30 Madame President, My dear colleagues, Rapporteur, First of all, I would like to thank our colleague Sylvain WASERMAN for his balanced report in his observations and proposals. The subject is very important for our democracies and for all states having or a democratic purpose or intention. The French law of December 2016 precisely gave a precise definition of what a whistleblower is, namely (article 6 of the Sapin II law, of December 9, 2016) "a natural person who reveals or signals, in a... 09/04/2019 | 16:36:13 I thank our colleague, Ms Petra De SUTTER, for the observations and proposals in her balanced report. The Council of Europe and European Union are two institutions that neither have the same origin nor automatically propose to the same States a framework for the rule of law and advanced rights for citizens. Our Assembly has greatly developed its contacts with the European Parliament. In general, like a lot of people I remain surprised by the European Union’s non-accession, as an entity, to... 09/04/2019 | 10:52:48 I thank our colleagues, the rapporteurs, for their report and for their clear will to see the United Nations take account of the Parliamentary Assembly’s role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The United Nations and the Council of Europe are committed to human rights, but two questions remain before us. The first is the challenge of migration. As was mentioned earlier, close to 260 million people live outside their country of origin. Climatic conditions and...