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21/06/2023 | 20:13:39 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) Dear Chair, Dear Colleagues, I would like to congratulate all three rapporteurs for their excellent works. Most of the European governments’ first response was to deny the existence of migration and the rights of migrants. And their initial response failed to comply with human rights obligations of the States. Rising xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia have blocked the attempts for social and political integration of new comers to the Europe... 14/10/2022 | 12:02:09 Dear President, Dear Colleagues, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for her excellent work concerning the critical balance between public health and individual freedoms. Introduction of various restrictive measures justified by the rapid transmission of the COVID-19 have sparked a heated debate on the necessity of the measures and its impact on enjoyment of freedoms. Especially after the vaccination started across Europe, member states have begun to use COVID-19 passes and vaccine... 11/10/2022 | 20:17:38 Madam Chair and Dear Colleagues, I just would like to emphasise that we recognise that states have a sovereign right in deciding who would enter their territories. However, what we are discussing here is member States must not resort to discriminatory treatment while applying laws and regulations and deciding who are eligible to enter their territories. Let me reply to Mr Eerik-Niiles KROSS. The resolution recognises the right of states, as I said, to regulate entry to their territory. I just... 11/10/2022 | 19:39:19 Dear Chair, dear Colleagues, The motion for a resolution on which my report is based, stresses that some persons are unjustifiably denied access to the entire Schengen Area, mainly for political reasons. In my report, I have examined the current functioning of the Schengen Information System (SIS) and its impact on fundamental rights. Under public international law and the European Convention on Human Rights, states can, in principle, determine the terms and conditions under which non... 11/10/2022 | 18:49:43 Dear President, Dear Colleagues, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the rapporteur Mr Momodou Malcolm JALLOW for all his efforts in preparing this report, as well as our colleagues today who support this report and stand against the anti‑Muslim sentiments in Europe. As elaborated by the rapporteur, Islamophobia is a new form of racism and xenophobia that stems from unfounded fear, mistrust and hatred towards Muslims and Islam. Anti-Muslim racism in Europe is a multifaceted issue... 24/06/2022 | 11:22:43 Dear President, Dear colleagues, I am going to talk about energy security. When we look at the global developments, one of the most important common problems which has come to the fore again recently is the issue of energy security. Although energy security has been discussed for years, the problems on this issue have become increasingly multi-dimensional and complex. The Russian aggression against Ukraine has especially shown how fragile the energy market is in terms of stability of energy... 21/06/2022 | 11:24:29 Thank you, Mister Chair. Dear Colleagues, Dear President, To begin with, I would like to thank the rapporteur for preparing this important report at the time when all European countries are discussing the changing security environment in our continent. All the past years we have been facing an increasingly complex and diverse set of transition threats, such as climate change, pandemics, increasing migratory movements, disinformation campaign, and so on. Against all these exceptional... 28/04/2022 | 16:26:08 Thank you, Mr Chair, Dear colleagues, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur, Ms Marie-Christine DALLOZ, for a well thought out and detailed report which presents us with the baseline of genuine democracy. I fully agree that there is a democratic reversion in Europe and across the world. Hence, it has contributed to the loss of confidence in democratic institutions as well. There are multiple consequences of this loss of faith in democracy, such as increasing populism, hate speech and... 27/04/2022 | 19:49:37 Thank you, Madam Chair, Dear Colleagues, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for his excellent work on the systematic problem of excessive use of force. I regret that excessive and unlawful use of violence by police officers against peaceful protesters, different groups including migrants and refugees and those from a different race, colour, or ethnic and religious groups, occur everywhere in the world. Even on our continent, we witness that law enforcement officers perpetrate unjust... 26/04/2022 | 19:37:41 Thank you Mr Chair. Dear colleagues, As you all may recall, that in last year's session our Assembly held several debates and adopted four reports on the issues related to climate change and its implications on human rights and democracy. I like to indicate that I had the honour to be the rapporteur of the report on criminal and civil liability in the context of climate change that was adopted unanimously with the contribution of you, esteemed members of the Assembly. Sadly, on the contrary...