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In the political groups

  • Auditor: Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group since 30/09/2019
  • First Vice-Chairperson: Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group since 26/06/2019
  • Member: Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group from 08/10/2018 to 25/06/2019

In the Assembly

  • since 08/10/2018 Representative - Turkey

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Member: Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs (since 31/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (since 08/10/2018)
  • Full Member: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (since 08/10/2018)
  • Member: Sub-Committee on Ethics (since 26/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (from 15/09/2020 to 21/09/2020)
  • Chairperson: Sub-Committee on the European Social Charter (since 26/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on the European Social Charter (since 10/10/2018)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (from 10/10/2018 to 23/01/2019)
  • Alternate of Mr Yunus EMRE (Full Member): Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media (since 08/10/2018)
  • Alternate of Mr Halil ÖZŞAVLI (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (since 22/09/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr Ali ŞAHİN (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (from 24/01/2019 to 14/09/2020)


Last speeches

23/06/2021 | 11:56:32 I salute everybody on behalf of the Socialist Democrats and Greens Group. Ownership and agency of change, solidarity, truth, resources; these four key concepts will build the future of our rights. Ownership and agency of change. Now the Istanbul Convention was born out of centuries-long political and social struggle of women for their rights. It was a hard one. It was not granted by the grace of any political power or individuals. Its powerful roots lie in this history. Its powerful roots lie... 22/06/2021 | 17:08:02 Thank you very much. I'd like to congratulate Mr Andrej HUNKO on behalf of the Socialist, Democrats and Greens Group. The pandemic started as a health crisis evolving very quickly into a deep socio-economic crisis. It has brought the socio-economic inequalities into the limelight and brought the world to the same critical juncture we faced earlier. Will we insist on our current socio-economic model that has been generating these ever deepening inequalities, or will we this time opt to change... 22/06/2021 | 10:32:38 In the context of erosion of democracy and erosion of the rule of law, where populist authoritarian leaders who seek to elude accountability and transparency are gaining power. Our times are ridden with rising corruption. These trends go hand in hand. Non-democratically driven politicians seek to expropriate all economic rents. They seek private benefits rather than the public interest. To conceal that expropriation of valuable public resources, they seek to demolish the rule of law... 22/04/2021 | 13:07:10 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) I speak today as one of those voices representing the ten-millions who are standing strong for democracy and justice in Turkey. · The ten-millions who prefer strong parliamentary regime to one lacking checks and balances. · The ten-millions who care deeply for a human-rights based World order despite the very worrisome trend of powerful actors blatantly negotiating human rights. · The ten-millions who in the 2019 local elections put these... 21/04/2021 | 18:34:40 So, the pandemic has been a reminder of how important our health is and how health conditions can become the premise of discrimination. Early on, the pandemic fuelled racism and xenophobia worldwide. As the pandemic progresses, the differential effect of the virus across different age groups were identified, leading to age-dependent discriminatory lockdown conditions. The pandemic also increased the burden on our health care systems, where health practitioners where forced to make very...