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25/01/2023 | 19:56:52 Thank you very much. Of course, knowing that Jacinda Ardern has been the Vice-President of the party, and I thought that if you are not taking over, you cannot win. She took over, and they won, and her second term. So of course, an engaged feminist like her and some other feminist prime ministers. I think we know how to achieve goals. But let me wait. Let me just stop one minute, because my British friend spoke about Jo Cox. I would say that was one of the horror in our life. A young British... 25/01/2023 | 16:41:58 Dear President, Dear Colleagues, First of all, let me congratulate the new EGA President, Ms Mariia MEZENTSEVA. I am very thankful that Ukraine ratified the Istanbul Convention and welcome the dedication of our Ukrainian friends to the values we all share and I can assure them our continuous support in the fight against the Russian aggression. Let me continue by expressing what a privilege it is to be the rapporteur of this very important report because I am convinced that, besides the Human... 24/01/2023 | 10:28:16 Thank you very much, dear Chair. Dear Colleagues, Human dignity is an inherent attribute we all as equal members of the human race possess. Human dignity as the unity of personality, along with human life, means the essence of humanity. Dignity is an elevated and absolutely respected quality of all human life and values. It is a standard of our human essence. It is a priority value in the same way as life and expresses the human dimension of life. Being a human and human dignity are... 11/10/2022 | 10:53:08 Thank you very much, dear President, distinguished colleagues. The Covid-19 global pandemic and the war in Ukraine redirected our attention to the fact that the enlargement policy is a tool to advance the geostrategic interest of the EU and the opportunity to foster European unity. At the level of the statement of principle that is almost unanimous agreement in the EU on the need to accelerate the accession of the Western Balkan countries to the EU. Hungary has traditionally been among the... 22/06/2022 | 16:38:54 Thank you very much. Dear Colleagues, As the Russian Federation is waging an unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression on our continent, violating the rules of the international order let down after the Second World War and in gross violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine, talking about the role of women in war and peace is not a mere rhetorical exercise. It is our everyday reality as Europeans. It is our clear obligation to ponder this reality now here in the Council of Europe and as a... 21/06/2022 | 11:15:35 Thank you very much. Dear colleagues, The link between security and human rights is important. The link is reinforced if we consider that human rights define human security. Individual international and national development requires the protection of human rights. Therefore, you cannot have security without the protection of human rights. Development requires the respect for human rights, and the respect for human rights prevents conflicts. Peacemaking must be built on human rights foundation... 26/04/2022 | 10:33:26 Can we start again? Thank you very much. Lovely to see you all. "Strong and resilient democracies are based on the scrupulous respect of the rule of law." This statement of the Report brings much needed truth as we look forward to dealing with the continuous line of crises we experienced in the past decades, especially after the past few years. We didn’t even wake up from the adverse effects the coronavirus pandemic had on our life and rights when Russia started an unlawful war against... 25/01/2022 | 18:47:28 Dear colleagues, If a government abolishes freedom of the press, it is afraid to bring its actions under judgment of the people, and the actions of those who fear such judgement are unjust.” – said Lajos Kossuth, the first president of Hungary in the 19th century. The freedom and independence of the press is under threat throughout Europe. Populism tries to present complex and sensitive social, economic and political issues as something that easily can be solved and,  oftentimes, as something... 24/01/2022 | 17:15:12 Thank you very much. Dear Colleagues, Since the dawn of this century, we have been living the consequences of major global crises. After the 2008 financial crash, we had to realize the possible consequences of climate inaction. And now humanity faces a global pandemic that has disrupted our lives. In the case of globalization and climate change, children have been very vocal. With the leadership of Greta Thunberg, TIMES’s Person of the Year in 2019 for her activism in the fight against... 02/10/2019 | 19:59:32 Thank you very much, dear colleagues. I would like to thank the co-rapporteurs for their excellent work. I think overall the report is positive. We can welcome the positive development in North Macedonia. We can also commend the authorities of North Macedonian for their commitment to advance reform and look forward to the implementation of the reform. Major changes have happened: the country held a referendum and ratified the historic Prespa agreement, solving the name issue after 27 years...