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Ms Elvira KOVÁCS

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22/01/2024 | 17:39:41 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) Promotion and consolidation of pluralist democracy is one of the main objectives of the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly and in that sense Obeservation of the early parlimentary elections in Serbia, following the main CE documents, indicates flows and failures in the process of the electoral integrity. With due respect, considering that many important things are presented, I'd like to stress that this Report missed two... 11/10/2023 | 18:54:48 Thank you. Distinguished Chair, dear colleagues, First of all, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for this excellent report. She managed to emphasise the situation and formulate recommendations about what could be done. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of prejudice against people with disabilities in our societies. It is obvious that these people are among the most marginalised. They experience stigma, prejudice, and suffer many different forms of exclusion from society and... 09/10/2023 | 17:34:20 Thank you. Distinguished President, dear colleagues, Let me remind you all, that in addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in January this year, I warned that the political dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina had reached its turning point. Either the Community of Serbian Municipalities will be formed or it will sink into irrelevance. And further, we are witnessing the culmination of the long-term crisis, due to Pristina’s attempts to completely exclude Belgrade from... 26/04/2023 | 19:54:22 Thank you. The debate is closed. The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights has presented a draft resolution (Document no. 15724) to which 2 amendments have been tabled, and a draft recommendation to which no amendments have been tabled. Amendments are listed in the compendium. We will start with consideration of the draft resolution and will then consider the draft recommendation. I understand that the chairperson of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights wishes to propose to... 25/01/2023 | 17:19:52 Distinguished Chair, dear colleagues, dear rapporteurs, On behalf of the Group of the European People's Party I would like to congratulate Ms Zita GURMAI, Ms Petra STIENEN, and Ms Margreet De BOER on their tremendous work and fight you are doing all the time. It is unfortunately a sad fact that in every country in the world women experience sexual, physical, and emotional violence. On the one hand, domestic violence is a widespread form of violence. On the other hand, freedom from violence is... 25/01/2023 | 16:34:37 Distinguished Chair, dear colleagues, Since 2011 the European Union has facilitated a process of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. On 19 April 2013 the Brussels Agreement was signed. Fully understanding that the EU accession process and normalisation of relations should run parallel and support one another, the Republic of Serbia will remain entirely committed to the continuation of the normalisation process and its dialogue with Pristina. The latest report of the Serbian government's... 12/10/2022 | 17:52:47 Thank you, distinguished Chair. Dear colleagues, We should not think of democracy in a static way. Democracy has continually evolved since its emergence. Across Central and Eastern Europe, democratic institutions have evolved from the ruins of failed socialist systems. A multi-party system, free elections, secret ballots and other aspects of a representational government have been rapidly developed since 1989 in many countries in the region. The very question posed by this report is the... 11/10/2022 | 11:39:38 Thank you, distinguished president. Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, For the last two decades it has been reiterated many times that the full EU membership for the Western Balkans is a geostrategic investment in a stable, strong, and united Europe. However, at this point, we have to admit that the EU enlargement policy towards the Western Balkans is at a standstill. Very modest progress has been made in the field of European integration in the region, and in recent years, the EU has... 20/06/2022 | 12:51:25 Thank you. This thing we share, dear colleagues, it is valuable that we meet, talk, and use our experiences to try to improve our institutions and our procedures. As you know, regular presidential elections as well as the early parliamentary elections and local elections in 13 locals have government units and in one city municipality were held on 30 April this year in Serbia. The republic electoral commission is in charge of conducting the election and announcing the final results. Electoral... 26/04/2022 | 11:09:34 Thank you. Distinguished Chair, Dear Colleagues, During the last two decades the Council of Europe has been providing support to Serbia to advance its reform agenda, ensuring compliance with the Council of Europe's standards and advancing the European Union accession process. As you all know, Serbia is committed to pursue its integration into the European Union. Therefore, support of the Council of Europe for all key reform activities in our country, especially those which are part of the...